Portrait of Cynthia Clay

Hi! I'm so excited you
are here!

I'm Cynthia.

I have a strong passion for sports, automotive and illustrations. I’ve always loved art and the way you can lose yourself in creativity is a magnificent thing. I grew up playing and watching sports. I was born and raised in Alabama where college football is kind of a big deal, Roll Tide. I played softball and was on three teams a season, so as you can see I have a strong passion for sports. My father used to buy classic cars, fix them up and resell them after going to a few car shows, of course. All the cars I have seen from watching him fix up cars to going to car shows to my internship at Ritz Marketing, where I worked in automotive design, all of these have given me a passion for cars.

Here are a few fun facts about me. I hope y'all enjoy.

  • My favorite animal is a Sea Turtle. I dream of swimming with them in the future to see them in person.
  • I have two spirit animals:
    1. A squid (I know right, who would say that's their spirit animal) because they are curious creatures.
    2. An elephant because they are smart and they are very caring. Wish I could say I had a memory like an elephant!
  • My favorite food is fried pork chops. Mmm so delicious.
  • I don't like desserts.
  • My favorite movie is Phantom of the Opera.
  • My favorite band is Five Finger Death Punch. I love every single song, but my favorite is "Remember Everything" by them.
  • I love villains such as the Joker. Who knows maybe in my past life or in another universe I am/was a villain because I am far from a villain in this life.
  • My fiancé and I may have a collecting problem whether it comes to Marvel, Villains and so much more, all the way to survival gear.
  • I donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and gained a killer hairstyle and confidence from making a woman feel magnificent again.